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The Danish lifestyle concept of hygge means many indescribable feeling of comfortable things to many people. Now, join us in visiting some of the best hygge places.

Manshausen (Manshausen, Norway)

Adventure-seeking people neednt look further than Manshausen, a 55-acre island escape in Norways Grotoya   strait. Not to be missed: the saltwater hot tub overlooking the sea and family-style meals enjoyed fireside at the main house. The baby sitting service also available.

澳门中葡平台作用Get more information here.

澳门中葡平台作用Cedar Lakes Estate (Port Jervis, New York)

澳门中葡平台作用Occupying 500 bucolic acres, this turn-of-the-century summer camp now houses a host of luxury, lodge-style cabins. Bike the grounds, paddle the lakes, swim in the outdoor heated pool or head to a nearby mountain for a day of skiing. Then lie down with a great book beneath a fur blanket, turn on your fireplace and get your snuggle on.

Get more information here.

Soho Farmhouse (Oxfordshire, England)

This Oxfordshire countryside members-only club offers up a British version of hygge. Among the splendid propertys coziest offerings: the community farmyard and the Studio Cabin guest room, which boasts views of the lake.

Get more information here.

澳门中葡平台作用Salt House Inn (Provincetown, Massachusetts)

This charming coastal town now boasts a 19th-century-shingled cottage turned hotel. Book your visit during the quiet, windswept off-season (January through March) for some salty fresh air on the beach.

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1. Which one may suit you best if you are taking a baby?

A. Manshausen. B. Salt House Inn.

C. Soho Farmhouse. D. Cedar Lakes Estate.

2. What is special about Soho Farmhouse?

澳门中葡平台作用A. Water scenery. B. Limited access.

C. Outdoor activities. D. Family-style meals.

澳门中葡平台作用3. Where is the text most probably taken from?

澳门中葡平台作用A. A magazine. B. A brochure.

澳门中葡平台作用C. A textbook. D. A website.


澳门中葡平台作用I decided a few months ago that I was going to treat myself to a 4-day getaway from Los Angeles and visit Chicago. I got a free airplane ticket, but had to pay the hotel in cash, which I really couldnt afford. I found a travel website where a discounted 3-night stay was purchased from a recently opened hotel.

About three weeks before the trip, I had to regretfully cancel and only then realized the room, while transferable (可轉手的) to another person, couldnt be changed to a later date and wasnt refundable. For the next two weeks I tried selling it on Craigs list with no success. Five days before the “big weekend”, I gave up trying to get any money back and decided Id contact some acquaintances who live in Chicago and offer someone a free “staycation”. After trying a handful of people all of whom already had their own plans, I was determined to have the room not go to waste.

Thats when it suddenly occurred to me that I was looking at the rooms in the wrong way. Instead of viewing them for vacation purposes, surely there must be a way to put them to good use, and that was when the idea that some sort of shelter might be able to use it came to me. I eventually found one whose focus is aiding victims of family violence. This particular one was willing to listen to my out-of-left-field story and helped the transfer of the rooms. The shelter was working with a desperate woman and her daughter, who were fortunately able to make use of the room. I was later told by the shelter “they had a blast”.

澳门中葡平台作用4. We can learn from Paragraph 1 that the author ____ .

A. had a tight budget for his holiday B. bought his flight by credit card

C. employed someone from a website D. planned to go on business in Chicago

澳门中葡平台作用5. What happened three weeks before the trip?

A. The hotel was no longer available.   B. The author couldnt make the trip.

澳门中葡平台作用C. The room reservation was cancelled. D. The author regretted making the plan.

6. What did the author finally do with his room reservation?

澳门中葡平台作用A. He put it off to a later holiday time. B. He sold it to someone on vacation.

C. He kept it for family violence. D. He donated it to needy strangers.

7. What can we infer from the underlined part in the last paragraph?

A. The women were grateful for the room. B. The victims were shocked by the event.

C. The shelter was asking for more rooms. D. The author was unhappy with the result.


The hottest “green” toy in Germany isnt made of organic or recycled materials. This one has a solar panel (太陽能电池板) and only runs if kids remember to insert bright red “energy stones” that power the space station. Germany, a pioneer in many renewable energy initiatives, is also at the forefront of creating environment-friendly toys aimed at making kids think about where energy comes from and how much of it they can use, raising awareness through play. A number of high-tech green toys are on display at this years Nuremberg toy fair, which runs through Sunday.

Among them, there are hydroelectric-powered toy cars, and doll houses with wind turbines and rainwater catchers. The bright green “Future Planet” space station features an inner atrium (中庭) with a fan that is powered by a functioning solar cell. Its aim is to get kids to use their imagination about how energy will be created in the future.

Makers and retailers believe such toys will play an increasingly important role in their future—and that of our kids. “Energy is the question of the future and we are definitely thinking about this as we move ahead,” said Judith Schweinitz, a spokeswoman for Playmobil, maker of the solar panel-fitted space station. “It is increasingly being brought into our play concept.” Green toys which range from those made of sustainable materials to ones like the space station that just raise environmental awareness make up only a part of the $84 billion international toy market, but their share is growing, studies indicate. Environmental research firm Earthsense, based in Syracuse, New York, predicts that green toys will account for about $1 billion, or 5 per cent, of US toy sales in the next five years. Parents are smart and they want information about what is in the product. Thats what is really driving the market.

澳门中葡平台作用8. What is the hottest “green” toy like in Germany?

澳门中葡平台作用A. It is made of rubbish. B. It is equipped with a solar panel.

澳门中葡平台作用C. It is driven by an advanced motor. D. It is made of organic or recycled materials.

澳门中葡平台作用9. What is the purpose of making the green toys?

A. To improve kids imagination. B. To improve the safety of toys.

C. To raise kids environmental awareness. D. To give kids knowledge of technology.

10. According to the text, which of the following uses solar energy?

A. The doll. B. The toy car.

澳门中葡平台作用C. The doll house. D. The “Future Planet” space station.

11. We can learn from the last paragraph that the green toys ____ .

A. will sell well in the future B. have not been produced

澳门中葡平台作用C. are not accepted by parents D. can help save little energy


Imagine jet-setting from Tokyo to Paris, enjoying first-class travel, a four-course dinner and a city tour—all without leaving the ground. This air travel according to Japanese company First Airlines, has used the power of virtual reality to create dream vacations.

澳门中葡平台作用Passengers avoid the costly airport transfer, the baggage fees or busy airport terminal—and instead enjoy the privileges of business or first-class travel and an expensive tour of Paris—all while remaining motionless (靜止的) in Tokyo. As well as Paris, First Airlines also offers the virtual destinations of New York, Rome and Hawaii.

澳门中葡平台作用After boarding, guests can settle down for the two-hour flight on their advanced Airbus seat—surrounded by decoration that is modeled on the inside of an aircraft, for maximum realism. There is flight service and VR, foods, music for every destination. Passengers will be served a delicious meal by air stewards, alongside drinks and other desserts. The menu depends on the destination of choice—Manhattan clam chowder and cheesecake for New York and salmon tartar and onion soup for Paris. After landing at the destination, guests can enjoy a 360-degree tour of the destination—all thanks to projection (投影) mapping and video.

It makes for a supposedly stress-free vacation, perfect for those whose ability to travel abroad is limited by cost or health. Virtual reality is becoming increasingly present everywhere at all times in the world of travel—allowing travelers to appreciate the wonders of the world, all without leaving their house.

澳门中葡平台作用At just 4,980 yen ($46) for business class and 5,980 yen ($56) for first class—these two-hour flights are far more affordable than their real-life flights. Tokyo citizens eager to experience First Airlines can book a trip on the website.

12. What can we learn about the air travel from Tokyo to Paris?

澳门中葡平台作用A. It is high-flying. B. It is money-saving.

澳门中葡平台作用C. It is power-wasting. D. It is time-consuming.

13. When can passengers enjoy the beauty of the destination?

A. Upon arrival. B. During the flight.

C. After boarding the plane. D. On getting off the plane.

澳门中葡平台作用14. The flight is perfect for travelers who ____ .

澳门中葡平台作用A. do little physical exercise B. work under great pressure

澳门中葡平台作用C. desire to travel a long distance D. have health or money troubles

15. What can be the best title for the text?

A. A Scientific Fantasy B. The Power of Virtual Reality

C. Japans Virtual Air Travel Abroad D. Appreciation of the Global Wonders



We know that choosing a college major can be very hard. But have no fear! Heres what you need to know about college majors before you commit.

澳门中葡平台作用What is a major?

16        Beyond general college requirements, youll also take a group of courses in a subject of your choosing such as Chemistry, Literature, or Political Science.

How important is my major?

The major you choose will neither predict nor guarantee your future. If you intend to earn a professional degree after college, you will probably need certain courses.        17

澳门中葡平台作用When do I declare a major?

This varies widely across schools and programs.        18        Others require that you declare upon a major by the time that you set foot inside your first class.


澳门中葡平台作用Definitely. One of the most exciting aspects of college life is that it introduces you to new subjects and arouses new passions. However, keep this in mind. Every major has necessary coursework. If you change your major late in the game, it may take more than the traditional four years to earn a degree.

澳门中葡平台作用What are minors and double majors?

澳门中葡平台作用If one field of study doesnt satisfy your intellectual appetite, consider a minor. A minor is similar to a major in that its an area of academic concentration.        20        A double major provides you with an understanding of two academic fields. It allows you to become familiar with two sets of values and views while it also requires you to fulfill two sets of requirements.

澳门中葡平台作用A. Can I change my mind?

B. Is my major time-consuming?

C. Its your specialized area of study in college.

澳门中葡平台作用D. Most students find one major is more than enough.

E. Some schools may give you one year or more to decide.

F. But many future doctors major in non-science related fields.

澳门中葡平台作用G. The only difference is that it doesnt require as many classes.

16. _______  17. _______  18. _______  19. _______  20. _______



It was the last day of final examination in a large eastern university. On the steps of one building, a group of college students gathered, discussing the 21 to begin in a few minutes. On their faces was 22 . This was their last exam before their graduation.

Some talked of jobs they already 23 ; others of jobs they would get. With all this knowledge of four years of 24 , they felt ready and able to take control of the world.

澳门中葡平台作用The exam, they knew, would be 25 . The professor had said they could bring any books or 26 they wanted. But they were not allowed to talk to each other during the test.

澳门中葡平台作用Happily they 27 the classroom. The professor 28 the papers to them. And 29 appeared as the students found there were only five questions.

澳门中葡平台作用Three hours had passed before the professor began to 30 the papers. The students no longer looked confident. On their faces was a frightened expression. No one 31 as the professor faced the class.

澳门中葡平台作用He looked at the 32 faces before him, and asked, “How many completed all five questions?”

Not a hand was raised. “How many answered four?” Still no 33 . “Three? Two?” The students moved restlessly in their seats. “One, then? Certainly somebody finished one.” But the class remained 34 . The professor put down the papers. “That is exactly what I 35 ,” he said.

“I just want to 36 on you that, even though you have completed four years of engineering, there are still many things about the 37 you dont know. These questions you could not answer are relatively 38 in everyday practice.” Then, smiling, he added, “You will all pass this course, but 39 —even though you are now college graduates, your education has just 40 .”

The years have obscured the name of this professor, but not the lesson he taught.

澳门中葡平台作用21. A. plan B. topic C. exam D. study

22. A. confidence B. disappointment C. nervousness D. sadness

23. A. lost B. knew C. found D. designed

澳门中葡平台作用24. A. experience B. practice C. life D. college

25. A. interesting B. easy C. confusing D. strange

26. A. pens B. news C. tools D. notes

澳门中葡平台作用27. A. entered B. noticed C. observed D. passed

澳门中葡平台作用28. A. handed in B. showed off C. passed out D. gave up

29. A. discussions B. answers C. problems D. smiles

30. A. mark B. collect C. check D. correct

31. A. argued B. spoke C. left D. consulted

澳门中葡平台作用32. A. touched B. surprised C. worried D. calm

33. A. questions B. ideas C. hands D. results

澳门中葡平台作用34. A. sad B. moved C. anxious D. silent

澳门中葡平台作用35. A. expected B. loved C. solved D. got

36. A. impress B. turn C. look D. depend

澳门中葡平台作用37. A. fact B. subject C. test D. knowledge

38. A. hard B. popular C. similar D. common

39. A. repeat B. remember C. understand D. realize

澳门中葡平台作用40. A. ended B. improved C. increased D. begun

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